There is a tragedy occurring on a daily basis;
industries such as oil and logging are buying
up tracts of land in the Amazon rainforest at
alarming rates.  Regardless of whether or not
indigenous tribes exist in certain parts of the
Amazon, the land is being put up for sale anyway
by the governments who control the land.

The one bright spot in all of this is that the
land that is for sale, is open to anyone to
purchase.  This is where the Save the Amazon
Coalition comes in.  We are offering 12,000
separate parcels of land in the rainforest for
$100.00 each (tax deductible).  Each parcel of
land you purchase will not only help offset
your pollution output through daily
activities such as driving a vehicle, using
plastics, or generating trash that will be
burned or buried, it will help save specific
indigenous tribes who have lived peacefully
on the land for thousands of years.
24 MAR 06 / The Count
So far, we have 586 parcels
sold in a few short months! 
Only 11,414 more to go!
18 FEB 06 / More News
for articles related to the
Amazon and conservation
efforts click HERE

You CAN Make a Difference!
Your tax deductible donation
helps save the trees that we all
depend on to create clean, breathable air for all humans!
What You Get.
full details, including tax forms, certificates, and other goodies.
How It Works
how the land is purchased, how
you are helping to do good.
Who/What You Save
information about the forest and the tribes who live there.
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